Burnham Park Animal Hospital

1025 S. State St
Chicago, IL 60605



We often get strays or special needs cases that warm our hearts and become part of the Burnham Park Animal Hospital family. Iggy is an example of a kitten dropped off at our clinic severely abused or mistreated. He was fixed up at our clinic and even brought to the ophthalmologist and neurologist for  consultations for his underlying health issues.  He was then adopted by one of our receptionists, Carrie.  He is a happy camper now and the rest of the staff loves seeing him when he occasionally boards with us.
We have another special needs kitty named Ferris Mewler who is currently a resident at our clinic, under the care of Dr. Clack.  He was found outside severely matted with severe skin infections, and extremely underweight and malnourished. A wonderful foster family had him for a while and helped begin the process of nursing him back to health and he is now at our clinic undergoing further testing and treatments. He is scheduled for surgery soon to repair an inguinal hernia along with some additional necessary procedures to get him all fixed up and ready for adoption.